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This service help you to: 
Create maps and cartography
Deploy IDEs and GIS
Make maps and toponymy services
Organize your data in geodatabases

Spatial DataInfrastructures

We help you to start-up a Spatial Data Infraestructure (SDI) that allows you have the highest interoperability and geographic integration with other SDI nodes, on the basis of guidelines and standars: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Directiva INSPIRE, etc. 

With the deployment of a SDI you will able to process, store, reuse, distribute and improve the use of your information, integrating it with other data sources of your organization; of partners or third parties and to use public data sources (open data).

Manage and keep your geodatabases and data sources using documentation standards  and distribute and integrate your geodata layers using standard web services for:

Some examples

Geographic Information Systems advanced course

It is directed at participants with own knowledge of GIS

Place name searcher and viewer of Galicia


Calculation and territorial indicator analysis platform of the Euroregion

Municipal cartography manager

GIS manager for the online publication of council cartography