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This service help you to: 
Apply Data Mining and Business Intelligence to spatial information
Create maps and cartography
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources

Smart Geo

One of the keys is to connect urban infrastructure (transport, energy, water, telecommunications, etc.) from an integral vision of all of the city’s utilities for get information. These strategies can be applied to other contexts (Smart Village, Smart Rural, etc.)

We help you to take advantage of the information and data from sensor networks, collected in the field, participation of citizens, etc. in a variety of ways:

  • Analysis of data for obtaining knowledge and support decision making.
  • Publication of the obtained information: geo-portals, live maps, reports and graphics.

Some examples

haiTransporte Platform

Planning and management platform of the interurban transport lines

Drinking wáter sources catalog of the Council of Vigo

System of consultation and potability alert of the sources of Vigo

Service to create and share maps on the Internet

Galician entrepreneurial land GIS portal

Business parks management and industrial lands sale

Web of sightings, presence and abundance of breeding birds

Platform for coordination and civic participation in defense of rivers