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Create maps and cartography
Deploy IDEs and GIS
Georeference your information
Organize your data in geodatabases
Publish services geo-portals, heritage, tourism…

GIS Consultancy

Sixtema’s team has a great deal of experience in GIS technologies for helping you to increase knowledge of these systems and to introduce them in your organization.

We help you to know the needs of the application for meeting the problems and challenges facing your organization. What information can we make use of a GIS? Which strategies and tools are the best for geo-locate and manage our data? Which are the most effective solutions for organize our GIS environment?

We cooperate with you providing our experience and abilities, we offer migration services based on methodologies and experience that make easier the change and we tell about the advantages and drawbacks.

Some examples

GIS specialised course

It is directed at solving specific problems

Municipal cartography manager

GIS manager for the online publication of council cartography

Geographic Information Systems advanced course

It is directed at participants with own knowledge of GIS

Geographic Information Systems basic course

It provides the knowledge for beginning the professional activity with GIS

Place name searcher and viewer of Galicia

Web of sightings, presence and abundance of breeding birds