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Create maps and cartography
Make maps and toponymy services
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources
Optimize your routes and manage fleets
Organize your data in geodatabases

Geographic Information System

Geographic Information Systems allow the maintenance, management and efficient working of geo-located data, solving hard problems of planning and geographic management.

GIS tools are employed in several fields: scientific research, resource management, environmental impact assessment, urban planning, cartography, sociology, historical geography and archaeology, geomarketing, logistics, etc.

Manage and keep your geodatabase using edition and working GIS tools (ArcGIS, gvSIG, QuantumGIS...), publish your geographical information layers using a map server (MapServer, GeoServer, etc), integrate external data sources open data or create customized maps for see it in a printout or using a web viewer.

Make the most of your geographical data rapidly and efficiently.

Some examples

Galician cultural infrastructure geoviewer

Place name searcher and viewer of Galicia


Calculation and territorial indicator analysis platform of the Euroregion

Galician entrepreneurial land GIS portal

Business parks management and industrial lands sale