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Create webs with maps
Design routes and tourism-contents for its dissemination
Optimize your routes and manage fleets
Organize your data in geodatabases
Publish services geo-portals, heritage, tourism…

Geo-portals and map viewers.

Thanks to the geo-portals you can see your information geo-referenced on a map.

The creation of geo-portals and map viewers allows you manage and promote your resources in the territory using simple and attractive interfaces, with every kind of elements (areas, routes or places).

The intuitive interfaces of edition allow a total autonomy over the data, you can still keeping the info, add new items and edit or remove elements that already currently exist, control the publication, categorize the, etc.

In addition, they help to improve the efficiency in geo-spatial info management guaranteeing  the identification, integration, localization and access to the services in each situation.

The range of products guarantee that it can be suitable in any technology setting:

Some examples

Web of sightings, presence and abundance of breeding birds

Heritage and touristic resources geoviewer of Arousa Norte

Platform for coordination and civic participation in defense of rivers

Galician cultural infrastructure geoviewer

Georeferencing and resource viewer of the Council of Corcubión

Geodestination Rías Baixas Ría de Arousa

Cultural, natural and touristic heritage website