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This service help you to: 
Collect new geographical information from the field
Create maps and cartography
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources
Organize your data in geodatabases

Cartographic creation and data processing

We apply our routes, points or areas capture and update experience collecting, arranging, geo-referencing and storing  information on the ground standing by GPS/GIS technologies.

This way we creates massive and geo-localized inventories as a first step in the establishment of managements tools.

We work with different cartographic and information datasources using digitalization, photogrammetry and remote sensing for capture new information and treating, metadating and processing it and this way you can integrate it in geographic information system easily.

Some examples

Scenarios planner of the Directiva Marco del Agua

Simulator of complaint of pollutant outflows into the water

Rail line noise mapping of Ferrol’s outer harbour

Acoustic complaint study and noise mapping generation of the rail line

Stretches, distances and geolocated resources of the Paths of Santiago.

haiTransporte Platform

Planning and management platform of the interurban transport lines


Calculation and territorial indicator analysis platform of the Euroregion

SIOSE – Galicia Project

Photo interpretation of satellite images for delimitation of land uses